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hannet.fragen		(An)Fragen aller Art und passende Antworten...		Spielereien und Spielerisches
hannet.general		Allgemeines und Sonstiges im HanNet		Regelmaessige Postings (siehe auch: hannet.statistik)		(M) Lokale Map zur Information des Netzes. (Moderated)		Majordomo- und Listserver-Listen	(M) ML (Moderated)		(M) BSDI-Mailingliste. (Moderated)	<CATIA-L@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU> (Moderated)	Motorola Fort Worth Pro/Engineer Users Mailing List <> (Moderated)	(M) Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) Discussion List. (Moderated)	(M) firewalls. (Moderated)	(M) Genesis-Mailingliste. (Moderated)	Nachrichten in Kuerze (Moderated)		(M) IETF-Mailingliste. (Moderated)	(M) linux-activists-Mailingliste 680X0. (Moderated)	(M) linux-activists-Mailingliste config. (Moderated)	(M) linux-activists-Mailingliste kernel. (Moderated)	(M) linux-activists-Mailingliste linuxnews. (Moderated)	(M) linux-activists-Mailingliste ueber TCP/IP. (Moderated)	(M) linux-activists-Mailingliste new-channels. (Moderated)	(M) linux-activists-Mailingliste news. (Moderated) Important Linux-related security announcements (Moderated) Linux-related security discussions (Moderated) <> (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) The Power-PC port of Linux (Moderated) Linux Quality Assurance Group (Moderated) Scsi drive development and usage (Moderated) Talk about Seyon the X-windows terminal program (Moderated) Using sound cards and utilities under Linux (Moderated) SVGA library discussion (Moderated) Using Tape storage devices under Linux (Moderated) Using UUCP under Linux (Moderated) Linux Windows App Binary Interface emulation discussion (Moderated) Using the X-window system under Linux (Moderated)	(M) linux-activists-Mailingliste SCSI. (Moderated)	(M) linux-activists-Mailingliste ueber SLIP. (Moderated)	(M) linux-activists-Mailingliste ueber UUCP. (Moderated)	(M) linux-activists-Mailingliste ueber X11. (Moderated)	(M) LitProg-Mailingliste. (Moderated)	(M) Interne ML des LST Support Teams. (Moderated)	(M) AppleTalk Networking Forum. (Moderated)	(M) Macintosh Programmierung mit Think-C. (Moderated)	Mailingliste (Moderated)	(M) Discussions about medicine informatics. (Moderated)	(M) Discussions about Health Level 7. (Moderated)	Brand Name Recipes Mailing List <> (Moderated) General discussion regarding NetBSD/amiga (Moderated) Technical discussion regarding NetBSD/amiga (Moderated) Technical discussion regarding X on NetBSD/amiga (Moderated)	(M) NetBSD-Mailingliste 'current'. (Moderated)	(M) NetBSD-Mailingliste 'current-users'. (Moderated)	(M) NetBSD-Mailingliste 'netbsd-bugs'. (Moderated)	(M) NetBSD-Mailingliste 'netbsd-help'. (Moderated)	(M) NetBSD-Mailingliste 'netbsd-ports'. (Moderated)	(M) NetBSD-Mailingliste 'netbsd-users'. (Moderated) Technical discussion regarding all NetBSD/m68k ports (Moderated)		(M) NeXT-Mailingliste. (Moderated)		(M) ML ueber PCI-Boards. (Moderated)		(M) RFC-Mailingliste. (Moderated)	(M) Sun Marketing etc. (Moderated)	(M) Taylor-UUCP-Mailing-Liste. (Moderated)		(M) Test des mail/news-Gateways. (Moderated)	AUC-TeX Mailingliste (Moderated)	(M) About installation/use/bugs of emTeX. (Moderated)	TETeX <> (Moderated)	(M) German TeX Users Communication List. (Moderated)	SGML-Tools <> (Moderated)	(M) Ultrasound Daily Digest. (Moderated)	(M) ML ueber progressive/innovative/experimentelle Musik. (Moderated)	(M) WWW browser client for MS-Windows, UNIX and Apple Macintosh. (Moderated)	Expanded Squid Internet Object Cache (digest) (Moderated)
hannet.statistik	Statistiken den Betrieb des HanNet betreffend
hannet.test		Test	Ablauffaehige Programme		Infos/Diskussionen zu*	Quelltexte
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