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Hierarchy Management Information
Hierarchy Management info iconunmanaged
Syncable server info icon(none)
URL of Checkgroups(none)
Last Checkgroups(unknown)
Key User ID(none)
Key URL(none)
Key Fingerprint(none)
List of Newsgroups
Newsgroups	Wer in Aachen hat xxx ans Laufen bekommen?
oecher.flame	Der Ort um abgeglittene Diskussionen weiterzufuehren
oecher.flohmarkt	Privater(!) Flohmarkt, Suche, Biete
oecher.kommerz	Kommerzielle Angebote, z.B. von Computerhaendlern
oecher.kultur	Kino, Theater, Ausstellungen, Konzerte, ...
oecher.newfiles	Neue Software-Angebote der einzelnen Systeme	Allgemeine Diskussionen ueber aktuelle Ereignisse
oecher.test	Die Testgruppe mit Auto-Reply
oecher.wohnungsmarkt	Wohnungssuche und Gebote
Source of the
Reliability info iconreliable
Notes and Comments
Notes info icon"Oecher" - local dialect for "Aachener" (="resident of Aachen") - was a local group of the YFTN Fido Mailbox (Leo Moll, Jan Egner) which was later on gated to a local Maus Mailbox (Maus Aachen-1, Aachen-2, Aachen-3, about 1990-1992) and further gated to Westend (Thomas Neugebauer, founded in 1994) and from there to Aachen University (RWTH, Guido Bunsen).

This hierarchy is actively managed and has substantial traffic (last checked on 2010-01-06).

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