DE-Regio - what's that?

DE-Regio ("DE" for the ISO country code for Germany, "Regio" for "regional") is a survey of german (language) regional and local Usenet hierarchies.

Usenet is a worldwide distributed discussion system, consisting of hierarchically organised newsgroups, e.g. the so-called "Big 8" (comp.*,humanities.*,misc.*,news.*,rec.*,sci.*,soc.* and talk.*). The international german language hierarchy is called de.*.

Besides this large Hierarchie german language hierarchy there are many other local and regional Usenet hierarchies, created and managed by societies or organisations for themselves or cities or geographical areas. In many cases those hierarchies are open to the public and worldwide accessible. However in contrast to most larger international hierarchies they're often poorly propagated; furthermore it's not uncommon to find them (left) without anyone in charge, without websites and/or without an authoritative list oft newsgroups belonging to that hierarchy (checkgroups) - and if they have some of that, the relevant information is often scattered throughout the net and hard to find.

This survey - or list - of all known german language local and regional hierarchies shall therefore assist users as well as administrators in finding the necessary information on each and every german language hierarchy, to help them grow and flourish.


Additions and corrections or suggestions for improvement are happily accepted. Please contact me!

List of known german language local and regional hierarchies

These hierarchies are already known and recorded:

Other german language hierarchies

In addition to the regional hierarchiers there are - or have been - some other german language (sub) hierarchies.

International german language hierarchies and german language country hierarchies

(International) german language special interest hierarchies

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